The subtitles are available in six different languages
(English, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese).
One of the motifs of this piece, Japanese traditional printmaking technique, is applied to every detail from the character expression to the background art.

21st Japan Media Arts Festival
 :Animation Div. Excellence Award
:Entertainment Div. Jury Selections

21st Fantasia International Film Festival(Canada)
 :The Satoshi Kon Award for Excellence in Animation

● 50th Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia(Spain)
● 9th Reanimania International Animation film&Comics Art Festival(Armenia)
● 18th San Diego Asian Film Festival(USA)
● 4th Other Worlds Austin Sci-Fi Film Festival(USA):Feature Score or Music Award/Feature Production Design Award
● 2nd Sochi Film Festival(Russia)
● VFX-Japan Awards(JAPAN):Leading VFX Division Excellence Awards for "COCOLORS LIVE"
● 49th Nashville Film Festival(USA)
● 51st WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival(USA)
● 22nd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival(Korea)

COCOLORS Special Collaboration Live

“COCOLORS Special Collaboration Live”, is a live performance piece, with live music, audio effects, and voice acting, breathing life into the animation in front of the audience’s eyes while the story unfolds on screen.

The voice actors add the colors of their body language, as well as the colors of their vocal tones, further breathing life into their respective characters. The live musicians add different tones of sound, their instruments surrounding the space with their own colors, adding to the audience’s experience, leading them deeper into the COCOLORS world.

Only then when all these colors, the colors of the voice actors, the colors of the musicians, and the colors of the animation, come together mixing and blending seamlessly with the “COCOLO” of all who are involved, including the audience, is “COCOLORS” truly completed.

< story >
There is a world in which an endless rain of dark ash fills the sky, and covers the earth. Humanity, fearing the ash that burns and melts away human flesh, had no choice but to cover themselves in protective suits, and their faces with gigantic masks. Bundled up in their suits and hidden away behind their masks, the people have fled deep within the underground. This is the story of the children growing up in this fearful world, this is "COCOLORS".


< concept >
Part of a series called Gasoline Mask Project, the animated movie COCOLORS's title is a play on the words "COCOLO" -- a Japanese term for emotion or "HEART", and the English word "COLOR".

From ancient times IRO(色), the Japanese word for color, has been used to express a variety of things, usually pertaining to tone.

顔色 - KAO(face)-IRO-- Tone of face, or Facial expressions.
声色 - KOWA(voice)-IRO -- Tone of voice.
音色 - NE(sound)-IRO -- Tone or quality of sound.

These are a few of the many ways IRO can be used in the Japanese language.

However in the world of COCOLORS, the characters' faces are hidden and their voices are distorted by the masks they must wear. Because of the masks, their IRO, or colors, are left to the imagination. She may be skipping to hide her sadness. His anger might be a pretense to further hide his crying face. In a world covered in dark ash, each of the characters' IRO are carved in stroke by stroke, layer by layer, much like a traditional Japanese wood print. Those colors will be printed in full display in the animated movie "COCOLORS"